Daily Message 15. February 2018

The more you tighten your grip, and hold on to the past, the deeper your hole will become. Let go and let the wheel spin again. Whatever happened last year between October and November is over and done with, at least for you. It cannot be changed, nor can you turn it into what you want it to be. Release the anchor and let the Universe start moving once more. It will turn in your favor, if you allow it to.


If it’s justice you seek, know that it will come around in the end. Your part in the play has been fulfilled. If it’s love you want, you must release the hold you have on what was, in order to make room for what will be. The Divine Universe is constantly moving and sometimes it needs to push you along and get you out of the missteps you’ve chosen on your own path. Heed the message, you weren’t supposed to be where you were, because there’s a much better place ahead. You just have to turn around and realize that moving forward really is the only way to go.


Tarot Card of the Day

Six of Wands


Reaping what you sow



It's time to think about reinventing yourself and putting your best foot forward so you can start receiving the recognition you deserve. The Six of Wands is called “Victory" in some decks; it refers to taking pride in your work and receiving validation for a job well done.



This is the kind of acknowledgment you receive when it becomes clear that you've paid your dues. You understand the concept of reaping what you sow, which compels you to give it your very best. The Six of Wands is a card of appreciation and admiration. You “win" something and earn the right to be satisfied with the spoils of your victory.


This isn't about ego or conceit and it's never at someone else's expense. There's a strong sense of being supported and lifted up by those who rejoice right along with you.



You may have been putting a lot of effort into your work and not even realizing that others have taken notice. Or you could be unexpectedly pulled aside by a loved one, just to tell you how much you're loved and appreciated. There's a sense of triumph that comes with the awareness that others are paying attention and recognizing your value. You may feel like a million bucks, and rightfully so.



But with that comes expectations that you're going to have to live up to. More recognition means more responsibility, and more people counting on you to show them how it's done. This is not the time to “bask in your glory," but rather a time to mirror back to those who are acknowledging you the same sense of gratitude and appreciation. It's a time to remember the little people — those who have helped you a long the way.



☜ Arven ☞ 






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    Bryan (Thursday, 15 February 2018 13:15)

    He cannot live in the past and must move foreward with the ever changing environment which is stimulated by the universe .We must be humbleto those we encounter.

  • #2

    Arven (Saturday, 17 February 2018 06:48)