Do you want to be right or loved?

The week starts full of momentum and zest for action. The need to be active and to do something is great on Monday and Tuesday. Ideally, you have the opportunity to devote yourself to a topic that is close to your heart and with which you can identify yourself. Then you can use the constellations to make an idea or project a breakthrough. However, coupled with the strong tendency to be guided by subjective impressions, it may not be easy to be provoked by the behavior of others and to restrain the urge to impulsive and ill-considered actions , In any case, make sure there are enough opportunities to move.


On Wednesday and Thursday the themes of love, beauty, safety and enjoyment are in the center. The need to do something good or pamper yourself or others is evident in these days. Also sensuality and eroticism should not be neglected. Ideally, you can deliberately downshift and take the time to devote yourself without pressure to a topic that is good for you in every way. Even creative projects and activities in and with nature benefit from the constellations. Lovers can look forward to particularly romantic experiences on these days.


Friday and Saturday, there is a strong need for contact and exchange with others. The willingness to get involved in new ideas is great and there is hardly any lack of imagination and creativity on these days. Ideally, you have the opportunity to talk to others about your ideals, (secret) dreams and longings, or you can explore with others in a playful and informal way. Also artistic projects as well as social activities profit from the energies. Sensitive on these days could be the fact that it is difficult to distinguish between fantasy and truth. Accordingly, it is easy to be deceived, manipulated or seduced. Be inspired, but wait a while before taking action and take the time to arrive at your heart and soul.


On Sunday, there is a pronounced need for security, affection and solidarity. The openness for idealistic ideas is great, but at the same time deep-seated, emotional longings and needs are likely to be reported. Ideally, you will have the opportunity to meet with people close to you or to do something that nourishes your soul. Also social and domestic activities or time with the family benefit from the constellations. Sensitive may be a tendency to over-sensitively respond to the behavior and attitudes of others and feel quickly affected, rejected or hurt. Pay attention to your personal limits and respect the others.

Card of the Day

Two of Wands


Actualizing an Inspired Dream Vision 


You know your power. You sense your vision. You have already accomplished enough. You can play it safe. You can stay aware of your power, living in your comfort zone. Or you can cast your dreams to the world. You can contribute. You can test the magnificence of divine vision in society. You stand uncertain of what you most need. Understand there is no rush. This card indicates that you are given time to think your needs over meticulously. You are welcome to examine every aspect.


If you choose to stay with the familiar and comfortable, a knowing feeling of not enough, not quite right, not full use of life will continue in your body. If you decide to launch a dream into the world there will be twists and turns, triumphs and errors, a plethora of mixed experiences. This makes your choice very taxing. It's okay to take some naps, get some foot rubs! Most likely, something will eventually push you to decide that you will go for the dream. If you ignore this valuable contemplation time, you will end up depressed. If you push yourself to decide too quickly, you will become very anxious. Consider this time a precious gift of life.


Use this time to prepare strategies for potential hardship.



If the path brings in some rejection, how can you be tender to yourself? If the path takes more time than you plan for, how can you muster up patience? If the path leads to a feeling that you do not know an answer, how can you be kind to yourself while you learn something new? If the path requires the wisdom of others who have taken a similar path, where will you find these people and how will you get help?



As you add more of your own questions and find the answers, you pave your way to deciding "yes" with excitement rather than trepidation. If you reject the path, you are not being honest with yourself. Clarity is blocked. An inspired vision is stalled or replaced with a forced one. Take some quiet time to look more deeply into your heart. The Two of Wands indicates the potential for success that expands our consciousness, fills our heart, and touches many others. The necessary mental introspection required for this to happen is paramount.



What is unnerving me regarding the choice to actualize my vision?


What plans can I set so that any challenges will be met with self-respect, self-love and self-tenderness as I grow?




Meditate on what it will be like to gift the world with your services and ideas.



☜ Arven ☞ 







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