Daily Message 20. February 2018

Sometimes you need to turn things on their head to find out what they maybe hiding. Like the pocket change in the sofa, or the surprise in the bottle. It’s a good day, relax and be happy! Your cups are more filled up, than they are empty.


 Many of us have become so used to bad news, struggle and strife that we’ve come to expect it at every turn. Remember when life wasn’t like that and things seemed much more simple? Waking up with dread creates your mind set for the entire day. If you expect something bad to happen, it’s going to happen. You create a self fulfilling prophecy, without even realizing it.


It’s a good day to align your thoughts and actions with the Divine force in your life. Look at events today from a higher perspective. Look within and ask why you’re being lead, guided or yes, even pushed this direction when it’s not the way you feel you want to go. You could discover the reasons why you need to walk this path today. And it could be an amazing surprise that you never dared to dream. Take time to lift yourself up, instead of waiting for others to wave a magik wand and do it for you.



This change is good, not only for you, but for your family as well. Stop the self loathing, self pity, and look forward to the new. Today’s adventures just might turn out to be exactly what you needed AND exactly what you’ve wanted. Even if you don’t want to admit it. That’s ok. The Divine Universe knows how you really feel.



Card of the Day

Six of Wands


 The Six of Wands is a great card, in my opinion, symbolizing success and reassurance. It can also symbolize attention-seeking.


As advice though, it talks about FOCUSING on bringing about your success.


A lot of us get sidetracked by making comparisons of where we are in respect to where others are. Jealousy is an easy emotion to feel, especially in the age of Facebook and Instagram, where people seem to be broadcasting their happy experiences often.


In respect to where you are in life, though …


If you have not quite reached your goals yet, remember, as my one friend told me years ago, to STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE. There is room for everyone's success. Don't forget that good things take time to come about.


When you realize that you should take your time and not rush, then you will have the space to be happy for others when they have their successes, all while carrying the confidence that you will eventually reach your goals.


All you can do with your goals is persist, and to make sure you are filling up your well with things that inspire you. The results are coming; keep going.


As far as attention-seeking goes …


Sometimes we find ourselves caught up in romantic situations where we don't quite realize that we like a person because of the attention they are paying to us, and not actually because we value them. Sometimes we find ourselves caught in the position where we are the ones giving the attention.


In either situation, make sure you are asking yourself if someone is only seeking you out for attention purposes. It is a much more satisfying position to be part of an exchange with somebody where there is a deep connection on all levels. These are the kinds of relationships that nourish the soul.



Attention-seeking relationships are fast food, so be respectful to yourself and hold out for something real. It's out there.



☜ Arven ☞ 







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