Stride the path of your soul and you will get what makes you really happy!

In traditional esotericism, we often hear such and similar words:


You have to visualize what you want, the more you think about the good, and what you want, the sooner you get it, and so on. You know it.


Now it looks the reality of life but in such a way that all who go completely unquestioned this way (!), At some point, get problems with their real life. These usually increase in intensity, the longer the above dogmas are nourished further.


These people are beginning to feel an extreme discrepancy with what they would like to have realized and what is real. Moreover, it is increasingly difficult for them to come into real contact with their fellow human beings.


It seems as if they are losing touch with everything they find in their reality of life now and, so to speak, "losing ground under their feet". By the way, observing this also deters a lot of other people from actually getting more involved with esotericism!


It is not fundamentally that the way of spirituality would be easier. Of course, he sends us challenges that we can recognize and accept as such. These challenges always serve our growth, our maturing and the whole development.


But with the above-mentioned "problems" I mean the following: The real life is less and less compatible with what one dreams and visualizes.


Many people are confused, unhappy, wondering why life does this or that with them when they have already done and done so much. But hardly any of it would work or "manifest" and if it did, then it never lasted long.

I can tell you one thing for sure:

Life knows exactly what it is doing!


What we urgently need to look at are the things that people usually want to "create." In principle, things are always about similar things: community, recognition, and being materially supplied.


People want to have a job in which they are valued and paid properly, sometimes (more rarely) to find the true calling. But most of them are fundamentally about simply having enough money for a pleasant lifestyle, and of course, almost everyone wants to have a fulfilling relationship.


This is someone she can rely on, who is there for her. Many also like to "pull" their soulmate or dual soul into their lives. (Please note how often this listing is about getting something!)


I would like to point out very urgently that the fulfillment of these wishes is nothing more than a positive side effect, a desirable symptom. The fulfillment of your deep desires is nothing but a consequence of something OTHER. This Other is completely hidden in most simple esoteric views - and there is a reason!


The "New Age Esoteric" was created for specific purposes (by the same powers that usually have their hands in the game as well):


The goal is to mislead, distract, lull, and remove man from his own, real, real life!


And it actually works, if we do not look behind it! It creates a painful discrepancy to what one constantly focuses on and in which one practices constantly, as soon as life comes along with its "blows" and completely questions all that.


So what is it about? What is this "other" that we are commonly denied?

It is the power of your soul - your inner power!


You already have what you came here for. You do not have to visualize anything! Everything is already there.


It would need nothing more than the opportunity to unfold and to allow its natural unfoldment. Instead, however, this inner treasure was filled in and misplaced.


You do not have to put anything into your life that you've always carried in yourself!


Instead, remove what it has filled up!


Many wrong ideas have been brought into us. We grew up with thoughts and ideas that we were nothing, only when we had been taught something useful, had explained to ourselves how we have to be, if we had proven ourselves and worked well by default, then we would be something.


So many people have absorbed so much in themselves that they actually believe that they also have to fill in with their wishes so that they could come true.


Advertising, for example, is particularly pleased when people only want to pick up their ideas for their wishes in the outside world and do not even notice how they themselves open the door to their manipulation!


Hardly anyone ever comes up with the idea to look inside and to devote themselves to what is already there! For how little valuable, for how little useful, for how little noteworthy have people begun to keep their inside ....


We were educated and infiltrated to orient all our desires towards avoiding fear. Fearlessness is behind almost all our unquestioned wishes! We are afraid to be alone, less valued, unloved, ill, excluded.


Some even think that they can not survive being alone. These deep, hidden motivations cause us to want a partner so that he takes away this inner fear.


The media, Hollywood, TV programs infiltrated us - brainwashed alike. They tell us what we think is worth striving for, how we have to be, they also tell us how we are supposed to be and how we could improve our "little" condition (which we assume) a little bit.


So all hypnotized sheep run after something and do not notice how they voluntarily run directly into the beast's mouth.

It is important to look!

What do we really get in our lives?


Many then find themselves in relationship with a partner who points out to us precisely our fear prevention. That's exactly the gift we need. But we usually do not recognize it as such, because we have been so blinded.


In fact, our fear prevention, as well as our comfort, are our biggest problems as long as we carry them undetected and unsaved inside us! If we redeem them (and YES, that is possible!) We will be free, our love will be free! Only in this way and not otherwise is the order!


We want a job that fills us, but rarely do people have the guts to really deal with what lies dormant in them. Too big are the fears of what others might say or do. Therefore, they do not think too much about it.

We were pushed into a school system where we kept hearing what we had to learn, were rated, compared, and were barely (or never) good enough at all. It has never been granted anyway - after the "exam" was before the exam.


So we still had to work hard. We became passive, passive "knowledge" hiccups because we did not have time to discover something important.


This is pure poison that has been planted in us. It blocks many people because they started to feel as small as they wanted.


But what lies dormant in your soul is something of invaluable value - for you and for this world! Just the fact that you wanted to withhold this knowledge about you, shows how much power you can shovel there for you!


If you can allow yourself to approach it, expose it, then you are not only approaching yourself. You will also suddenly realize that your real life and what it brings to you are directly related to these things!


Real life and true spirituality are never disconnected or separated!

You do not lose the connection to what you now show. Instead, you get into a living contact with it. You learn to value your life differently because you begin to understand!


Nevertheless, this way is often tedious enough, and certainly not comfortable! Many old wounds, dogmas, poisons, constructs, inherited patterns, confusions etc have buried our inner treasure.


In addition, you have to swim against the current of hypnotized flocks of sheep and break your own (previous) limits again and again.

Life in itself is perfect!


It always sends you exactly what you should know and experience. It will give you answers to questions you have asked. The basic requirement is to understand the language of life.


When we get stuck in illusionary, fear-avoiding daydreams or ideas, we lose touch with our reality of life and feel more and more of this agonizing, inner discrepancy because something is simply not right.


It also causes our lives to start shaking and shaking us. It wants to say, "Hey you, wake up, you're on the wrong track, look, that's what you should look for! Look, feel! "


If you embark on the path of your soul, this way is by no means easy.


In this particular time, it is very challenging to finally take apart his inner structures, his accumulated anxiety avoidances, his superficial (never questioned) dreams fundamentally and approaching them in a fundamentally different way.


Where do our "wishes" come from, who told us about it? Is it really what you feel to be truth within you, or is there something fundamentally wrong?


Often we wonder why life gives us something we do not like. We have lists of what we want to get and achieve. Sure, we do a little bit of something too, but immediately so many are waiting for someone to come along to serve them on the silver platter.


But how seldom do we ask ourselves


  • What does life really want from me?
  • Where does it want me to blow up my (assumed) chains and become courageous?
  • When do I champion myself and my real soul dreams?
  • How deeply do I believe (without ever having to tell anyone about it because I always knew it - somehow)?
  • What is this, what I have been pushing for so long?


Yes, it's work and it's exhausting - but the farther you get, the easier it gets. You become stronger inside and do not let you talk so fast, put away with lies or manipulate!

But most of all, you come into your inner peace.


You will never find him, as long as you are at war with your real soul desires because you are constantly pushing them away, controlling them, not listening to them!


In principle, it does not help, for example, to meditate on peace by visualizing anything. Peace begins where you can accept in yourself what is stirring in your depth and wants to find expression through you alone. If you refuse that (and it's up to you alone) you will not heal.


The path we are taking in this time is not the way that all our superficial desires come true. In this time, we make the way to regain our power and strength, and then to realize what we really need, which inwardly makes us happy and nourishes our soul!


There is a lot to keep in mind on this path. Many different challenges want to be recognized and mastered in their quality. We go through many initiation steps.


☜ Arven ☞ 






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