Daily Message 21.February 2018

Decisions and actions are influx today. Much is going on and information is flying up and down the chain of command. Don’t make any decision, until all the facts are in. You’ll need to verify some of the details and ensure what’s being gathered is accurate. The worst thing you can do today is make a choice based on impulse or gut feeling. You must discover the facts and corroborate the evidence. Hear say and “trust me”, isn’t going to be good enough this time.


Important choices are at hand this week. Don’t let someone pressure you into making a decision before you have all the facts. They’re trying to swindle you and divert your attention from the hidden facts. It’s up to you to verify what you’re told, so ignore the gossip chain. Those people spreading the rumor, have no idea what’s really going on. They can’t even make a good educated guess. So either wait for the facts to come in, or walk away from the deal.


Remember things that are too good to be true, usually aren’t real. Don’t rely on the word of a friend who made the choice. All you’ll be doing today is falling into the same trap they did. Hold out and do your own research. That doesn’t mean listening to the entertainment news, or the popular conspiracy broadcast. It means calling those in authority and verifying information and credentials. Your money and livelihood could be at stake. It’s up to you to talk to people who you trust implicitly, research names, reputations and proclamations.


By this evening, you may still have some research to do, but you should feel better about your decision to hold out. You still have time to make a choice if everything checks out properly. So ignore the hard sell and the extra pressure. Don’t answer the phone, let everything go to voice mail tonight. You’re in control, don’t let anyone else make you think you’re not. By tomorrow afternoon, you should know what’s really going on and how to move forward in your best interest.



Card of the Day

Queen of Swords


The Voice of Reason



 You may have to make a decision based on logic and principle rather than emotion and intuition.


The Queen of Swords is all about cutting through the confusion and uncertainty that separates wants from needs. Perhaps something you've desperately wanted is just not good for you and you need to let it go, or it could be as simple as speaking the truth, knowing that you'd only be hurting yourself otherwise.


The Queen of Swords may represent an individual in your life: if so you can count on her to tell you the truth. She's got high standards and impeccable ethics, which she didn't acquire by marching to the beat of anyone else's drum.


Perhaps it's someone whose courage and strength you admire: an older woman, a widow often, someone who has weathered her share of disappointments and still holds her head high.


Or perhaps these are qualities that you need to embrace yourself. The Queen of Swords — like all court cards — can appear as a frame of mind or set of attitudes that are necessary for dealing with a particular set of circumstances.


This Queen is rational and focused. She doesn't mince words. When she speaks she chooses her words wisely and they may be biting. But she's also fair, impartial and objective.


If this is a person in your life you'd be wise to listen to what she says. She may not cushion her words with compassion, but she will always tell the truth.


If this is not someone presently in your life, perhaps it's time to listen to your own inner voice. There's a great deal of wisdom available to you, if you're brave enough to trust in it. If you find yourself in the position of having to step up to the plate this week — on the job, in your relationships, or dealing with friends and family members — take a leaf out of this wise and practical Queen's book. You don't need to raise your Sword (or your voice) to get your point across. Your inner strength and wisdom will do the job just as effectively.

☜ Arven ☞ 



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