Psychic attacks and the devilish look

Very often, people are scared when they believe they are experiencing a mental attack. The reason why it is called a psychic attack is that it attacks the spiritual body in such a powerful way that it is defenseless, vulnerable, powerless, and open to further action. The symptoms can be so natural and hard to recognize that the human first thinks he is going through a phase of unhappiness or is terribly ill - it all boils down to the electrical!


Many people lack the vision of the bigger, and so the last thing that comes to their minds is that they have been victims of a mental attack. Here are the most common symptoms of self-control:


1. The feeling of inability to control one's own movements and thoughts!

The view blurs and you feel like you're being pulled back into your own head, unable to walk one at a time.


2. The feeling of being hypnotized!

Psychic suggestion is a method of manipulation similar to hypnosis and a sign of psychic attack. If you feel as if you are in a Trace state that was not caused by your own meditation, it could be a sign of forced hypnosis or a mental attack on you.


3. Bad memories!

Our mind can be a fascinating tool, but as such it has unbelievably large and unbelievably large leaks. Playing bad memories, for no apparent reason whatsoever, can be a psychic attack and a form of communication!


Other symptoms include: Speech problems (speech motor skills), memory loss, sudden persistent fatigue for no apparent reason, energy loss, sudden or irrational difficulties in relationships, a negative obsessive thought, desire or fetish that does not disappear, extreme fears that are unrealistic are (…)


What helps?

This is a sensitive subject, and no one has all the answers, because our psychic senses differ from person to person.


  • Black obsidian and black tourmaline gemstones. These gemstones are somewhat weak protection to carry in your hand or bag, but may be useful.


  • Tibetan frankincense (made in Nepalese monasteries). There is an incense in the monasteries of Nepal today that is so pure that it can dissolve negative energies in your aura and your home.


  • Grounding - Being fully present at the moment. Whenever you think or try to cleanse yourself from a negative attack, first ground yourself so that you are deeply connected to the earth.


  • Spiritual clarification of intention. One of the most complex but effective ways to eliminate the energy of psychic attack is to clarify the intention.


  • Deep breathing. Another easy way to relax and let go of fear is achieved by deep breathing.


  • Protection through visualization techniques from anger or revenge. Do you remember many times when you had angry conversations with someone who was not present? You may have thought that you are talking to yourself? Visualize a 5-inch thick plexiglas wall that surrounds you, shielding all negative images and thoughts, but on the other hand lets all lovers through!


  • Meditation. In fact, a strong right-brain meditation can cure the contradiction that the attack may have triggered.

In addition to applying white sage to the skin, placing crystals around your neck, summoning extra-worldly help, incense, or turning to a spirit healer. But the point is, and I want to make that very clear, that the ego, our ego of today, has engines to defend against psychic attacks, to block them! In fact, such attacks work in ego weaknesses (lack of self-motivation), and yet, you have the power to free yourself from it, you have the power to detach yourself from Mindcontrol, just as you can rid yourself of yourself on a sleep paralysis


So, how does it work? We are talking exclusively about a psychic attack, and one way to get rid of it is to despise it, because that disenfranchises it. A good place would be the shower with running water over head and body. Realize, i. send attention to the fact that this was just an attack, maybe even from someone you had "physically" met shortly before - and laugh about this pathetic attempt! If you recognize the character correctly and laugh through this process, the area for the attack is extinguished. Not afraid to replace fear with cognition (consciousness) and contempt eliminates the only form of attack they have, because we must agree to the attack by reacting anxiously (cold feet). There is no way that anxiety works when position is taken. See it as a test, not as an attack!


The devilish look.


There is so much we are not aware of, often in the form of seemingly harmless encounters! Let me tell you a case from my family, handed down from my mother, who had really done so. Maybe you know the devilish gaze and have heard of it before, but maybe you also heard something different than I would like to present you now.


In the 1950s, my mother's hometown (small town of about 5,000 souls), lived an old woman who (in several cases) became aware that when she looked into the infants' strollers to look at her, those few Days after that died. That's how my mother's brother died. He died a few days later from sudden infant death, after the old woman had looked into it. (explicated world)


To prevent this lazy spell (or the witch), there was a custom that, I think, has survived to this day, namely, you put a third eye on a pin in the stroller at that time, so that at a 1: 1 Eyesight every time more eyes looked out of the stroller than looked in. I had had this eye in the stroller, but unfortunately it could not save the little baby (brother of the mother)!


I think I do not have to paint you a picture of what my reaction would have been if I'd been the one the old witch would have had to push past to look in the stroller. (Tip - Break the rules! Do the Unexpected!)


The Devil's Eye or Evil Eye is a form of malice that can be deliberately targeted at a person, place, or thing that causes personal belongings in the house to break shortly after being viewed or touched. An adult or a child may suddenly become ill and it is not uncommon for infants to die from it. It is important to be aware of these signs and symptoms, to recognize that there is a problem beyond physical thinking.


Source: denkeandersblog.de


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  • #1

    Anthony Beagle (Thursday, 02 July 2020 14:22)

    I have had a evil eye curse deliberately put on me and people are attacking me with phycic attacks 24 hrs a day...I'm attacked in my dreams...I hear the people's voices 24 hrs a day...I can't control my own thoughts most of the time...I can't control my own mobility...my health is being attacked...I need help!

  • #2

    Jovida Alvarado (Friday, 25 September 2020 19:23)

    yes the same thing is happening to me. I would really like to talk to u more about it. If u can look me up on facebook.