Daily Message 22. February 2018

The battle that’s raging around you, has nothing to do with you. The conflict may impact you down the road, but don’t assume that’s a bad thing. Some issues must be hammered out and put to rest in order for you to move forward with your goals. But that doesn’t mean you need to stick your nose in, where it doesn’t belong.


Just sit back and watch. Remain ready in case you need to push the fight back onto the battlefield and away from your personal domain. Don’t allow someone to pull you into the fray with the idea that you’re going to stand up for their side. You might want them to win, but whatever you do, don’t let that get out. A simple “don’t bring me into this” will be sufficient to keep you in neutral territory. Don’t even think you can be the mediator and bring peace to the situation. It’s not your place! 


By evening, you’ll be able to relax and have a better understanding about what’s been going on behind closed doors. Keeping your nose to the grind stone and avoiding the drama, will be noticed by those in charge of the battle. And it will be appreciated. When the “King” comes calling, and only IF you’re asked what would you do, should you give your opinion. Just make sure you do it in private and without pointing fingers at anyone. Don’t tear anyone down, don’t build anyone up too much. And be able to justify your opinion. Otherwise, you’re just another clog in the wheel. 


Card of the Day

Five of Swords


The Spoils of War


This card suggests you may need to look at all the different aspects of an argument or disagreement and decide your next move. Do you surrender? Finish off your opponent? Turn and walk away? Or do you go back in and clean up the spoils in the hopes that there's something left to be salvaged? The Five of Swords is associated with conflict and turmoil, not seeing eye to eye, and fighting for the sake of fighting. There are elements of ego, pride and “reputation" in the mix — not wanting to give in or to admit to being wrong — these are what keep the conflict alive.


You may find yourself involved in some tense conflicts with others — a bully on the job, a loved one who won't make concessions or admit to being wrong, a “friend" who refuses to take no for an answer, and so on. The possible scenarios are endless but they all have the same theme in common. Power struggles. A battle of wills. A sense of powerlessness over external (and often oppressive) forces. A no-win situation. Being forced to admit defeat. If you think about the disagreements in your own life, you'll see that Ego is almost always to blame. The “death before dishonor" aspect of this card can interfere with your ability to see right from wrong.


While you may feel that the odds are stacked against you — or that everyone and everything is conspiring against you — you'd do well to see this as a test of character. You may not be able to control what happens to you but how you respond is entirely in your hands. If you're forced to accept defeat you can do so with honor and integrity. Don't assume that the potential for finding a graceful solution is entirely out of reach. Any battle after all is a battle with ourselves, whether we project it outwardly or recognize it as a projection. The Five of Swords reminds us that there is no beginning or end, no conqueror or defender, no winner or loser. Take a step back and evaluate the spoils of whatever “war" you've most recently engaged in. Only you can decide what being “right" has cost you and whether it was worth it in the end.


☜ Arven ☞ 





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