The week of 26.2. - 4.3.2018

The constellations this week point to multi-layered and complex experiences. First of all, they emphasize the sensitivity, touchability and openness to everything that is not tangible or explainable. In addition, there is a deep longing for love, wholeness and perfection. Accordingly, experiences can open the perception of previously unperceived potential, dormant capabilities or other levels and dimensions. At the same time, however, the perception of everything that is not coherent or harmonious, as well as the awareness of the weaknesses of human nature is significantly increased.


This combination creates a broad spectrum of correspondences: extremely positive and fulfilling experiences are just as possible as stories that trigger deep consternation. Since the constellations also activate many deep-seated, unconscious contents of the psyche, alleged trivialities, especially in relationships and in communication, can objectively trigger violent reactions that are not fully comprehensible.


On the more concrete level, much of what is happening and experienced these days is likely to be mystical or mysterious in nature and usually rationally barely comprehensible. Circumstances, conditions or even entanglements can ensure that despite careful planning or great effort, many things take an unpredictable course. Wonderful stories, visionary insights and deeply moving experiences are just as possible as extremely painful insights and deeply disturbing incidents. What they all have in common is that they can not be "wanted" brought about or prevented, but rather have the quality of a gift, a grace or an exam. Those who attempt to control, manipulate, or control things in a given situation usually risk aggravating the story. The art, therefore, is not to be carried away to premature judgments or actions. Anyone who is able to perceive and perceive what is, can on the one hand gain a more comprehensive and holistic impression (thus also protect oneself from illusions and disappointments) and, on the other hand, experience that even experiences and stories that are at first sight extremely problematic and painful seem to contain bright and precious elements. In addition, it is also possible that healing will take place in a long-standing, difficult history. In addition, when a situation seems hopeless, it is often unexpected that doors open and show new possibilities. However, it becomes tricky where people turn away at such moments and harden and react with bitterness, cold and cynicism. Then there is the danger of deep injuries and injuries.


Even on the personal level, very different and sometimes contradictory experiences are possible these days: Experiences of deep and deep connectedness, of compassion and love, contrast with those of loneliness, inner emptiness or despair. In addition, the confrontation with weaknesses and inner abysses, helplessness in the face of fateful events is possible, in parallel, but also experiences of the highest happiness and knowledge of profound wisdom. Often there is also a "dilemma", situations in which there is no really "right" attitude / solution. Some people respond to such experiences of confusion, anger and hatred, others accept what is and grow beyond themselves.


At the heart of the event are the following themes and areas: health, nature and the environment, spiritual and religious issues, contrast between classical science and holistic worldview, relationship issues and social issues. At best, natural or other catastrophes as well as tragic stories of all kinds cause great concern. The constellations are ideal for all spiritual and artistic activities as well as for projects with a holistic, integrative approach. Provided mindfulness and cautiousness, it is also possible to address questions and issues that have been avoided so far. The constellations are less suitable for all projects in which willpower, discipline or pure intellect play an important role.


On Monday feelings of all kinds are in the foreground. The need for home, community and belonging is pronounced. Ideally, on this day, you will have the opportunity to meet people you like or do something that nourishes your soul. Also dealing with domestic issues corresponds to the constellations. However, keep a tendency to either be overprotective or to react with unconscious childlike behavioral patterns. Unpaid love and affirmation of love as well as (even unconscious) emotional manipulative helplessness, as well as defiance or outbursts of rage, are unlikely to produce the opposite of the hoped-for effect. Generally expect unexpected, violent emotional reactions.


On Tuesday and Wednesday, joie de vivre and the need for creative activity are revealed. The constellations are ideally suited to all activities that express inner impulses and visions. Accordingly, artistic projects of all kinds also benefit. Take the opportunity to do what really suits you. Less suitable are the energies for activities that require inner distance and objectivity.


Thursday is a day of transition. Sensitivity and irritability grow, but at the same time there is an increasing need for clarity and order. Ideally, you can take the time that day to clarify open questions in relationships. However, especially when you are ready to communicate your desires, hopes and expectations, chances are good that you will meet with open ears and find support for your concerns. However, it becomes tricky where existing problems in the form of criticism, hasty judgments and accusations are addressed.


In the night on Friday is full moon. Those who are willing and able to perceive and endure both desire, vision or ideal on the one hand and the concrete reality on the other hand, that often contrasts the two, can gain many important insights. If you keep an eye on your vision on Friday, but focus on the near and the impossible, and follow a strategy of small steps, you can achieve much more than you think.


The mood of the weekend is like a ride up and down. On the one hand, the need for contact and exchange as well as the longing for love and harmony on these days are particularly pronounced. The desire to do something together with others or maintain an existing relationship is correspondingly high. At the same time, however, it can be expected that, on the one hand, external obstacles and disruptive factors, and on the other hand, a markedly increased sensitivity and vulnerability will always lead to irritations that can not be underestimated and, in some cases, severe reactions. Figuratively speaking, sunshine prevails on these days, while at the same time it is raining or even storming. In situations of this kind, it may be helpful to remember that only in sun and rain can a rainbow come together. So, if you manage to be reasonably calm in a delicate situation, to act out of your heart, you can use these constellations to reconcile yourself to a situation or to a person and create the basis for a momentous next step. Artistic as well as spiritual activities of all kinds can benefit from the constellations.


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