Developing basic trust - feeling at home on earth

Do you sometimes feel that you lack the basic trust when it comes to confidently embarking on your path? You are not alone! Almost all people who grow up in our world feel uprooted. Fortunately, we can rebuild the deep basic trust and make sure we feel safe and secure. The more our basic trust grows, the more pleasant our lives become. How to do I want to share with you today ...


Basic trust - healing our roots


Many years ago I noticed on vacation, how relaxed the people were there. It seemed to me that they were resting deep in their bodies. Most had a fundamentally positive attitude to life and were able to enjoy the moment.


How different is it with us, I thought! Often we freak out when the smallest things do not work the same. If we stand in a traffic jam for ten minutes, one might think the world is sinking. We often look pessimistically at our lives and our future.


Why is it so hard for us to stay calm and trust in the flow of life? Why are we so afraid of the future and so little trust?


As I follow these questions, I realize that we live very one-sidedly in the civilized-overraged world. We think a lot, often deal with electronic devices and are rarely where we actually are. The many possibilities of communication seem to alienate us. We are connected to the whole world - but not to ourselves.


Basic trust grows in your female side


If you want to enjoy your life to the fullest again - and not only on vacation when you escape to countries where the mood is more relaxed - you have to learn to develop your deep basic trust again.


Basic trust is something we can not "do" or achieve through effort, but something that develops when we accept it.

That's why it's so hard for us. Because we live in a society in which we train from an early age on our active, male side, which should perform.


It is the feminine side inside that knows how to accept. Incidentally, this has nothing to do with being a "woman". Every person needs both elements of life - the female and the male element - to be in balance. The feminine side invites us to be soft and open for the deep hold and love of life.


The exercise with the armchair


When I asked my soul for advice on how to develop my basic trust, the impulse came to sit on a comfortable armchair and really let me in on the hold the armchair gives me.


At first, I wondered what that meant. Put me on a armchair - ha, what a joke! 😉


But I have tried it and every day again and again for 4-5 minutes sink into my armchair. In the beginning I clearly felt how hard it was to trust the stop and sink me. But the more I practiced, the easier it was.


Over time, a deep sense of well-being developed: "Ahh, I am held and safe. I'm sure. There is something that holds me. "The permanent tension broke and I could arrive at my place. I noticed that my basic attitude changed. Even though I was not sitting in my chair, I felt the support and the security.







Arrive in your body


An important component of basic trust is our body. After all, it is our body that enables us to feel something. The further away we are from our body, the more uprooted we feel. When I started consciously opening myself up to more basic trust, I noticed that I lived my body at most up to my shoulders. I could not feel much below my shoulders. By daily soft breathing and the regular sinking on my chair I was able to slowly sink deeper into my body. My body became more alive. I transformed from a one-sided head person to a feeling body person.


Today, I also use yoga and soft flowing movements to arrive in my body.


More basic trust - more zest for life


When I compare myself with the person I was twenty years ago, it becomes clear to me how much my basic trust has grown. This is most evident in my basic attitude to life: In the past I often felt empty, cold, restless and insecure. Today I feel mostly safe, warm, cared for, sheltered and safe. The foundation that we develop through our primary trust enables us to bring our creative energy into the world and to dare to bring in our gifts and abilities. Our basic trust is like a warm blanket that covers our shoulders and warms us. In situations where life challenges us, basic trust helps us stay calm. Even when we are in the thick of chaos, a soft voice inside us says, "Breathe softly and trust. Everything will be arranged harmoniously. "


☜ Arven ☞ 


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  • #1

    Veer vK (Tuesday, 27 February 2018 22:19)

    Still in the fase you were in 20years ago.
    And loved the description of your journey how you came to now! Thank you for sharing!❤

  • #2

    Arven (Tuesday, 27 February 2018 22:32)

    Thank you Veer for your lovely comment •¤»((¯♥¯))«¤•