Daily Message 28. February 2018

You are the generator of what you seek. When you cease to look, and create instead, you are overflowing with all you once sought. Ask yourself to identify what it is that you will experience once your dreams come true. Instead of waiting for your dreams to happen, fill your heart with the qualities you expect to embrace. Now you know that you are the source of all you seek. Create the feelings you desire first. The situations that match these feelings can follow!


You know that life will always take you to good experiences. You understand that you are far more valuable than you had previously accepted. New wisdom that is trustworthy because it comes from real life experience and your own heart is now yours. You feel much more self-reliant.


Introspection provides information


The unrest that can be triggered today by a newspaper article, a letter, or a conversation draws your attention to a topic that is important to you. Any complaints from your fellow human beings that you feel annoyed by your dogmatic attitude or our know-how should be taken seriously. Try to observe yourself and ask yourself the following questions: Can I listen? Is there a real dialogue with my environment? Do I seriously deal with other people's ideas? You will probably find more recognition for your own views if you disregard your teacher attitude and regard others as equal interlocutors.


Who is right?


Today, they invest a great deal of energy to be recognized as a spiritual authority, and they express their opinions and views with great vehemence. However, you should make sure that everyone has a right to their own opinion and that your power of persuasion depends heavily on the type of communication. Have you ever examined your communication skills? If you do not always succeed, it may be because you have not trained enough to listen or engage in dialogue with others. You could use your energy today to review the possibilities that are offered to you in order to develop your communication skills.




Card of the Day

Four of Cups


Melancholy Baby


The Four of Cups refers to feelings of dissatisfaction and discontent in matters of the heart. It can indicate being at a crossroads in a relationship. Feeling a sense of boredom or disinterest. Feeling melancholy. Being "comfortably numb." You may be feeling that you've gone as far as you can go in your relationship, or if you're single you may be feeling apathetic about the prospects that are out there for you.




The Four of Cups speaks of being unhappy with where things stand — whether you're the one who's unhappy or are on the receiving end of someone else's discontent. There are also elements of ambivalence or indifference associated with this card. This is what happens when the state of limerence is lifted and the lovers are left feeling disillusioned. You may be involved in a perfectly functional relationship that lacks the thrill and excitement of something new. In this respect you may be less inclined to consider your partner's needs and more inclined to see the goblets as half empty rather than half full.


If you're not currently in a relationship, your single status may be at the root of your dissatisfaction. But you'll also have to ask yourself what you bring to the table too: you're not likely to attract a partner if you're projecting a laissez-faire attitude. You can't go looking for someone to alleviate your boredom. You'll have to take care of that yourself. Ask yourself if you've been too self-absorbed and too caught up in your own reverie to bother putting in any real effort. Whether this means working on the relationship you have or finding a new partner, you'll have to pull yourself out of the doldrums if you want to see results. One of the greater benefits of the Four of Cups is that it reveals to you exactly what's “wrong with this picture" and allows you the opportunity to make it right. You can start by working on fulfilling your own needs rather than assuming someone else is going to do it for you.


If your current situation is worth salvaging you'll have to step up and meet your partner half-way. And if it's not, or if a lack of relationship is the problem, taking stock of what you put out there and what you can do to improve it will go a long way towards alleviating your discontent.


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