Daily Message 01. March 2018

Letting go of everything to which you cling when your life is unsettled can be a good approach. You don't have to throw away any parts of your life that are of value to you. Instead, let go of the grip. Loosen up on dictating how your life needs to happen for your happiness. You may be pleasantly surprised. Consider asking life to be orchestrated in a way that brings you your deepest happiness. Be open to this occurring in ways you never imagined before. Sometimes the universe can please us far more profoundly than our own willpower can.


Any encounter with humans is now characterized by intensity and tension. Likewise, many of the situations you are in have a compulsive nature. The full range of emotional experiences is a great way to connect you to an emotional level that is specific to your person. Jealousy, power struggle, sexual passion, over-activity and sleep disorders are some of the ways you need to deal with it. Be aware of these experiences, get rid of much of the repressed, and have an honest look into your person.


You will experience life as a magical creative opportunity. This will allow many uplifting and inspired feelings. Discovering that love, peace, prosperity, success, and wellness are not random gives you new grounding. Knowing you have a role in your own destiny makes life exciting. Learning to use difficult times as incentive to generate your own changes keeps you on the road of conscious manifestation.


In the next time you can find out if your thoughts and actions are flexible, and what your willingness to be to adapt to new circumstances spontaneously. It is better not to make any plans now because your mood is changing rapidly. Sudden incidents shake your inner balance, which often leads to precipitous actions. Patience is not your strength today, and you are impulsive and irritable when trying to narrow your freedom of movement. Even meeting a completely unconventional person can push you to the limits of your tolerance. The more open your attitude, the easier it is for you.


Inside your heart, deeper than any sorrow, truer than any disappointment, is unconditional love. Sit in silence, breathe deeply into your own heart. Find what you most need inside yourself now.

Card of the Day

The Tower


Clearing away the debris


Do you feel like your whole world has been turned upside down? Or like the changes that are happening all around you are completely outside of your control? The Tower card refers to abrupt and unsettling changes that can have you feeling like running for cover and powerless to stop them. It can shake up your world and bring everything in it crashing to the ground. It breaks up everything that's unstable or uncertain, even if you're not prepared.



The Tower card can represent a crisis that not only takes you outside of your comfort zone but fills you with dread. It can represent being knocked off your pedestal or humbled by a chain of events that not only wipes away all that you've worked for but forces you to start with a clean slate. But you have to remember that all is not lost. The destruction may be evident — and necessary — but the focus shifts to what is gained by forcing you to let go of all that's held you back. It clears away the debris in order to show you what can be rebuilt.


If you're currently dealing with what seem like drastic changes, do these changes involve areas of your life that were already causing problems? It could be a relationship, a job, a set of ideals, or even a dream you had for the future which is no longer aligned with your principles. The Tower card represents the unexpected dismantling of whatever in your life is in need of a drastic overhaul. It speaks of destruction and deconstruction — the breaking down of whatever is stagnant or restrictive so that you can rebuild anew.


Yet if you consider the source of the destruction — the one earth shattering lightning bolt of awareness — you can see how it lights the whole sky, making everything momentarily clear. It is this flash of insight that you especially want to pay attention to. Rather than running and hiding — or hanging on for dear life — cooperating with the process will go a long ways towards mitigating the destruction.


You may feel like your carefully-constructed world is falling apart or that all you've held near and dear (and previously thought was indestructible) is no longer capable of sustaining you. But the Tower card only takes away what is no longer necessary. It tells you that all is not lost, and that there is always hope for renewal.


☜ Arven ☞ 




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