Zodiac of the month - Zodiac sign Pisces

Fish: February 20th - March 20th


Between worlds


Ruler: Neptune

Quality: changeable water

Polarity: Yin


"I am in everything and everything is in me."


The astrological year ends in the sign of Pisces. The cold-frozen nature gradually thaws, and the onset of snowmelt announces the approaching spring. Like melting water, which softens the earth and dissolves solidified structures, man now realizes that all earthly, material, all identifications and certainties are illusions that must be left behind, and that ultimately we are all-in-one. While man has perceived himself in the sign of Aquarius both as an independent individual and as part of a larger whole, all boundaries are now resolved in the fish sign. All egoism is experienced as a separation, and therefore the sign of the fish signifies the need for all-roundness and the dissolution of individuality. Man realizes that he is but a tiny particle in the infinite universe and we all come from the same source and are therefore fatefully connected. The fish sign dives into the collective unconscious. This can become overwhelming if the previous characters have been poorly lived and integrated, which is then experienced as confusion, lack of structure, or being exposed. Who has not learned to swim, drowns.


Thus, in the sign of the fish, man resonates with the whole cosmos and thereby experiences himself in the unity of all being. This can lead to him experiencing the joys and sorrows of the world as his own without limits and thereby becoming the "victim" of cosmic currents - or sees this as a divine mission to help himself to the service of humanity. Behind it is ultimately the yearning and thus the search for the once lost paradise.


If the reference to reality is lost, we find under this sign also the tendency to mystical transfiguration, which experiences everything earthly and ego as separation from the divine source and therefore rejects it. The countermark Virgo therefore contains important qualities for the fish character. Only if I can perceive, accept and have learned my ego boundaries in a responsible way, I can at times give it up consciously, in order to experience all-connectedness. Dealing with the spiritual world only makes sense if it is enriching in everyday life and does not neglect our human needs and limitations.


«A monk says to Joshu, <I just entered the monastery, please teach me.> Joshu asks, <Have you eaten your rice porridge?> The monk replies:


  <Yes, I ate it.> Joshu says, <Then go and wash your bowl! »»


These characteristics are typical of the zodiac sign Pisces


The fish (20.02. - 20.03.) Are the twelfth sign of the zodiac. Her planet is Neptune and her element is the water. The fish is just hard to pin down, all who have tried to really understand it can sing a song of it. He uses the trick with the descent only for self-protection, because the typical fish is more sensitive and vulnerable than he likes. Therefore, he tries to avoid threatening arguments. His intuition and inspiration also help him quite well, because he can sense dangers in time and promising opportunities are not hidden.


Fishes can rely on their imagination and above all their inspirations, with their foreboding they are usually just right. But they never act as a cocky one, instead of big words they bet on soft sounds. Her modesty is well received by others, as well as her empathy and her big heart for others, especially the weak and needy. But that is precisely their greatest weakness, because sometimes their good nature is exploited. If this happens too often, fish can sometimes become quite suspicious and conceal their true feelings. Pisces are very sensitive contemporaries, who know without big words what the other one feels and thinks. Her shyness to face the naked truth makes her imagination thrive. They want to carry everything, but not the consequences for their feelings or actions. Occasionally, they tend to drift, self-discipline is not exactly a strength of the fish. This is due to Neptune, her planet, which seduces her to not always take the things of life so realistically.


This makes the fish happy and that means friendship


Fish are sensitive, imaginative people and need the opportunity to develop. This is especially true for the emotional level, because the world is in their eyes anyway too cold anyway. Dear people, with whom they can share interests and bring some stability, make fish happy. But it is important that they learn not to let their normal chaos and to develop a certain sense of reality. Because he is necessary to make ends meet. Otherwise, fish need a lot of time to dream: diving into other worlds is always a little luck for them.


Fish are imaginative people and therefore you will hardly be bored at their side. However, they appreciate friendships that can sometimes take a time of peace and contemplation in addition to action. Talking together or lazing around is just as much fun as fishing in the evenings, as well as romping around the houses in the evenings or frolicking in art exhibitions. Since fish are quite sensitive and thus changeable in their moods, they should be allowed a certain amount of freedom. They are reliable in their own way, but not by always being there for you, if you would like to. Keeping this in mind, a friendship with a fish can last a long time, maybe even a lifetime.


Please do not tell anyone !? The fish itself is a secret on two legs. Because he often behaves mysteriously and does not always come out with the whole truth. In this way, secrets quickly develop around his person, which sometimes misinterpret others. Perhaps the fish unconsciously forgets to pass on important details, but he is generally not a friend of people who want to squeeze him out or see through with their X-ray vision. Much of the life of a fish never comes to light. That's what makes it so exciting with him. Sometimes the fish even distracts from its own secrets by telling those of other people. However, he will only do that when he feels forced into the corner. Otherwise, the fish is discreet.


Quirks, foibles and oddities ... everybody has them ... even the fish! He can be pretty slippery if you try to grab him and finally force him to make a concrete statement. The fish goes its own way, does not like it when analyzed and expected to commit itself. He does something voluntarily or not at all. The fish loves the game of hide and seek, the others should guess what it looks like. But this descent often makes his environment annoying. Shops and partnerships are in trouble because he simply does not want to show his colors. After all, he loves nothing so much as his back door, that he absolutely wants to keep open. He just likes to dream, because in reality he often does not feel so well.


Life motto: I feel connected to everything! I believe!



Learning tasks: developing one's own will and individuality, coping with everyday life in reality


Advice for fish:


  • For example, take a walk on a rainy day without being protected by an umbrella. If you can no longer distinguish yourself from the soggy ground, then you are in the realm of fish!
  • Even the famous "glass too much" can put you in moods and evoke perceptions that are beyond your usual reality.
  • Diving is a typical fish sport. The absolute silence and diffused light underwater will open up new dimensions of perception.
  •  In art, watercolors and Impressionist painting are the strongest expression of fish quality - but also the symbolic and dreamlike in the paintings of Marc Chagall.
  • Spherical sounds, meditation and church music take you to the intermediate worlds, where the realm of fish is.



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