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Our body, mind and soul are designed to work together precisely like a clockwork and ideally we feel balanced, healthy and comfortable. Our charisma is then just heartwarming and we enjoy ourselves, our lives and our environment.


Somehow we all strive for this condition and often feel hampered by events, people and strokes of fate that cause doubts, fears, negativity and stress in us. We experience the same situations over and over again or feel the circumstances as hopeless. We are looking for solutions and "not really getting off the mark".


Spiritual Clearing is a developed form of mental healing that opens up new perspectives and directly addresses the causes of each imbalance (because nothing else is), rather than just treating or alleviating the symptoms. During a session, the various energies in the body are addressed directly, as well as the individual organs, chakras and blockages. All of them have a story to tell and reveal their reason for being, which often surprises and sometimes leads to deep recognition and exhalation. Thus, with these energies, a form of conversation begins that is not controlled by conscious intervention, but leads us to the root of the subject matter, whether it be e.g. Rejection, disappointment, self-doubt, feelings of inferiority, oppressed feelings, traumas, stress or other painful experiences, or even oaths, oaths, curses and miscellaneous ...


Foreign energies that have found their way to us or that we have brought into this life, often practicing on a significant impact on us, even though we do recognize it as such. Do you know the feeling of "not being in your own skin", "being controlled by others", "losing control of yourself", just to name a few examples? You may be wondering where such foreign energies are coming from or how they are going to express themselves?

The following factors often play a role: extreme emotions (anger, greed, depression, suffering, etc.), deliberate contact with demonic beings or the deceased (move glasses / tables, channeling, automatic writing exercises, work with the Ouijabett) and thus provide earthbound ones Energies or the "dark side" access. The methods described above should, if necessary, be carried out very carefully and in compliance with some special basic rules. In so-called "occupations" our own consciousness mixes with that of the external energy. We become entangled and unconsciously accept the peculiarities of the other being. It can lead to personality disorders, illnesses, sudden fears, character changes, addictive behavior, lack of energy, etc. - especially in situations where we lose control of ourselves - for example, in shock, trauma, accidents, diseases or narcosis.

The process is always the same: find - identify - transform.


Every problem / blockade has arisen from an energy, such as Disappointments, illness, black magic attacks or other painful experiences, e.g. Suppressed feelings, stress, traumas, false beliefs, oaths, oaths, etc. This can cause both physical and mental disorders.


Many people are influenced or blocked by foreign energies.


A typical symptom is the feeling of "not being in one's own skin" or "feeling like controlled by others" as well as losing control of oneself. Extreme emotions such as anger, greed, depression, suffering, etc. are door openers for earthbound souls. As well as deliberate contact with demonic beings or the deceased are invitations to dark energies: putting back glasses, setting tables, channeling, automatic writing, experiments e.g. with the Ouijabettchen ...


In a cast, the own consciousness mixes with that of the alien energies.We then feel entangled and accept the peculiarities of the other being without us noticing. Likewise, a personality split, illnesses as well as any form of fears may indicate a foreign influence. This is more common than you now believe. Sudden exaggerated craving for alcohol, excessive sex drive, drugs, etc. can be triggered by foreign energies. Such behavior and personality changes are more common in situations where you lose control of yourself, such as an accident, illness, trauma, shock or narcosis.




  • character changes
  • Thoughts that do not fit your own ideas
  • Pain and inflammation on the body - without medical causes;
  • wandering pain
  • addictive behavior
  • lack of energy; Freezing, fatigue, exhaustion
  • deep sadness, joylessness all the way to depression
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • the feeling of being externally controlled; listlessness
  • to be cut off from one's own feelings
  • Insomnia; somnambulism to have the feeling of being stalked by bad luck
  • Tantrums, despair, darkness inside
  • the listening of inner voices.

Source: Spirituelles-Magazin.de

Artikel von Marie Luisa Stahn

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