If you had a good intention, then do not complain anymore

If you complain every day about what has happened to you, it is because it wants so precious a person within you, that you listen to it and allow it to heal. That's what happens to you, because she knows that you need to forgive yourself to keep going, and to understand that in spite of the circumstances, you have tried to do your best in this moment, you had a good intention and that has but also its value.


But the fact is that with this load on your heart, you can not lay siege to your conscience because it's just not good for you and you do not deserve it either: remember again that the consequences of an action must appear but they do not have to be on top of the burden forever.


You have already suffered enough and even if you did not aim for it, you also had to take criticism, maybe it was also a little shameful and even morally reprehensible, as something has gone out. Nonetheless, these are things that must happen: when we make decisions, we run the risk of being wrong and not even our greatest good will excludes the possibility of making a mistake.


"I just wanted ..."


Unfortunately, the actions of a benevolent soul are underestimated and there are people who use the so-called "good intention" as a shield to hide their cowardice behind it or to come up with excuses to get away well. However, there are also people who are not like that and who feel really bad because what happened was not what they had hoped for, because it was their intention to do the best.


That is, you've come to a point where you're always complaining about how things have developed, and phrases like "I just wanted to ..." or "That was not my intention" are the product of yours Guilt feelings that have been persecuting you ever since. These two sentences symbolize the feeling of frustration in someone who has tried to let his heart speak for themselves and nevertheless caused shards with his actions.


"Like any other, I'm weak, capable of putting myself in the wrong place, but essentially a good person." Junot Díaz


You feel this pressure on your heart and you feel regret, it does not do you any good, that the affected person has already forgiven you and that you do not mind the situation anymore, but your morale already. It does not help you to think that you just wanted to do your best and you would like to turn back time to do it differently. However, the solution is different.


Dare to forgive yourself


If you want to find a way out of your situation, you can only do it if you forgive yourself. If you are convinced that you no longer want to feel bad, you must dare to take that step. The only thing you will achieve is that the storm disappears from your head and you can finally draw a line.


It makes you feel good when you no longer complain about what you can not do anymore and what belongs to the past. Because it is like this: In your good intentions, the possibility of starting from the beginning is hidden, to understand that nobody is perfect, even you, even if you may not like it.


"Forgiveness is the virtue of the brave." Ghandi


Having committed a mistake neither makes you a bad person, nor does he have to become your inner judge over your entire emotional world. Trust in yourself, appreciate and remember that there will be more situations that will show you that you do not always lose but sometimes win. Never forget: mistakes do not define you, but they help you to become who you are.


Your good intention should be your gift for others every day


Finally, let me tell you why I think that you have to free your conscience from what was and is doing you harm, simply because I believe we need people in the world who are different from you humble and kind heart, even if the results are not always what we want them to be.


We need to give our loved ones the best of us every day, shaking hands when they need us and giving them advice when they want to hear one of us. And if we are wrong? In that case, we should then be able to forgive ourselves and regain inner peace, after which we have borne the consequences for our actions.


In fact, many times it does seem that what is really important is not the intention, but what you do, because we know for sure that it is real. But every now and then we forget that good intentions can move mountains and without them even a single stone of the mountain would move. Therefore, you should no longer punish yourself and give you a new chance, because a situation does not always have to be bad.


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