Power of the Mudras: Kalesvara Mudra brings peace to your thoughts (application)

Mudras have a power that is unknown to many. Especially the Kalesvara Mudra should bring peace to your thoughts.


Mudras are hand gestures that we use in yoga to relieve stress and to find peace. They are easy to carry out and can be integrated into our everyday life in a completely uncomplicated way.


Mudras are valuable little helpers that positively influence our flow of life.


The Kalesvara Mudra has a calming effect on our hearts and makes our mind calm. Especially in times when it is in our mind as in a crowded station hall, the mudra should be practiced daily.


Everything that has been shaken up will now be smoothed out and you will be able to regain your inner peace.


The Mudra also helps us to train our memory and to balance out concentration weaknesses. If you have just quit smoking or stopped another addiction, practice this mudra daily.


It will help you stay strong and not fall back into old patterns. The Mudra is also used to solve cardiovascular problems.


This is how you use the Kalesvara Mudra properly


Put your hands together in front of your body. The thumbs point to your body, the remaining fingertips point upwards. Now go apart with the palms without the contiguous fingertips loosening.


Now bend forefinger, ring finger and little finger. The inside tips of the fingertips point towards the palm of your hand. The middle limbs of the fingers lie against each other. The elbows point outwards. (see picture above)


If you want to calm your heart, hold the Mudra at the height of your heart. To calm your mind, hold the mudra in front of your forehead.


If you want to clear mind and strengthen your intuition at the same time, keep your eyes closed and "look" at the point between your eyebrows.


With this method, you can simultaneously help your frontal chakra to open. Hold this mudra for about 10 - 20 minutes and you will feel how it unfolds its effect.


In thought or whisper, you can increase the effectiveness of a mantra:


My thoughts are clear.


There is peace in me.


Small cardiovascular meditation


If you are plagued by a condition in the cardiovascular system, you can test the following meditation.


  • Sit upright and take a deep breath.
  • Make the Kalesvara Mudra.
  • Watch your body and try to release any tension.
  • Do not forget to breathe calmly.
  • Imagine your cardiovascular system in a very simple picture.
  • Keep breathing calmly.
  • Find the point in your cardiovascular image that is causing you trouble.
  • Just become aware visually on your inner picture where the problem is.
  • Now imagine the harmonious Kalesvara Mudra.
  • If you have both points in your focus, inhale and exhale deeply three times.
  • Continue to focus on the two points, the problem area and the point of harmony.
  • Breathe in and out three times.
  • Repeat the whole thing a third time.
  • Now try that the two points merge and exchange.
  • Stay calm and watch what happens.
  • If you want to stop meditating, stop and exit the exercise.


I wish you much joy and calm thoughts with the Kalesvara Mudra.

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    Sujatha (Tuesday, 05 February 2019 08:03)

    I am using this mudra and I am visualising my future and telling affirmations is it good or I should change