I am my own home, so I listen to myself, take care of me and renew me

I am my own home, so I open the windows to let in fresh air, so that the exhausted air comes out and a breeze that smells of hope and smells like dreams. I am my own home, my precious refuge, and that's why sometimes I'm not there for anyone. Because I seek the protection of my privacy in my private corners, where I can listen to myself, take care of myself and heal myself.


"A home is built to inhabited and enjoyed, and not to be watched."


If our interior was a house, many of us would probably just as neglect it as their real home. But there are also people whose home would have a beautifully decorated facade, striking fireplaces, colorful roofs, sophisticated fences and large windows with elegant curtains. However, if we were to enter the interior of such imposing property, we would find in many of them sunken walls, faint pillars, deserted rooms and empty spaces that smell of sadness, and many dark corners that have never seen sunlight.


If our soul really were a house, it would definitely be our duty to take care of it and turn our home into a sumptuous, comfortable place where there are no shadows, closed spaces and cracks in masonry left unattended for a long time.


We are our own home, if we are honest. We are our own refuge and have this extraordinary structure that is constantly growing. We should therefore learn to look after this magical place that is neither sold nor lent but protected.

The refuge you seek is within you


George Bernard Shaw used to say that life is not about finding ourselves, but about knowing how to create ourselves. So whoever goes on a journey to find something specific, to recognize one's limits, and to find out the nature of his personality, will not achieve all of this. For everything we want to know is not found in the outside world, but in this inner world that bears wonderful fruit when we take care of it.


At the same time, there is an indisputable fact that many of us may have realized at some point, especially in our adolescence, when we lived outside and waited for what life would bring us, out there in this vast, noisy world full of flavors, Sounds and waves would happen. Separated from the life of our heart, from that inner lighthouse where our values and our own identity seem, we always had the feeling that something was missing. That what reigns in our own home is an unbearable void that we absolutely must fill.


Almost unnoticed, we then let the first man move into the home of our own being: we give him the keys to our front door, we offer him the sofa in the living room and even access to our closets and attic. With naive innocence, we do so, unaware that there are thieves who keep everything, merciless raiders who destroy everything. They take our self-esteem, our strengths, virtues, dreams and hopes with them when they leave.

Caring for myself, listening to myself and creating myself - that's not a selfish act


Having a home with roomy rooms full of books containing infinite knowledge is not a selfish act. Owning a home in which there are no closed doors, no cracks, no corners inhabited by shadows and darkness, is no sign of vanity , To enjoy a garden where incredibly beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees with strong roots grow is by no means superficial. Because to get all these things takes time, willpower, and caring self-care.


"The light is too painful for those who live in the dark."


We live in a society that makes us believe that love for oneself is a selfish act. But after we are almost forced to read self-help books, to find out that this premise is not true, it's not narcissistic, to close the doors of our house before, we do not like and what we dislike. It is courageous, it means self-love and honesty to unite; It means strengthening one's commitment to one's self and ensuring our self-esteem and well-being in a world that is normal for frustrating people. People who do not know how to be happy.


As Albert Ellis once knew, our society teaches us time and again to harm ourselves. We must therefore abandon everything we have believed so far to learn to think and feel differently, to remember that there is a fragile and helpless being that needs attention, care and appreciation: ourselves.


Therefore, we should begin this return journey to our own home to dispel our limiting beliefs, to enlarge the rooms in which our dreams reside, to withdraw the curtains of internal conflict, and to clean up the pipes of our emotional wounds. We should plant seeds of hope in our gardens and keep the keys of our house in our own pockets. Because only they alone are the keys with which we can open all doors to our happiness.


☜ Arven ☞ 



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