The stars of the week

The topics and experiences of this week are characterized by a whole series of different constellations. One of them has long-term character and will occupy us well beyond these days. It concerns the planet Mars. As already announced and felt in the past week, he reached this week from Earth seen his standstill and is declining. In this whole phase (26th June to 27th August) it is about dealing with stories of the past. These mainly concern the themes of enforcement and assertion, struggle and rivalry. Furthermore, it also deals with the use of zest for action, anger and violence as well as all projects or activities that serve to achieve a specific goal, to realize an ideal or an ideology. In this context, experiences and events that are frustrated, hurt, processes that are not yet completed and processed, suppressed anger and aggression, but also failures and failure experiences may require much more attention. In addition to very old stories, it's all about the experiences, decisions, actions or activities of the past two months. For all those with constellations in the first decade of Aquarius, however, both on the mundane and on the individual level, events and experiences of the years 1997 to 2000 can be up-to-date again.


In the best case, it is possible in such situations to recognize the mentioned legacies and stories - then it is possible to clarify, cleanse and close them. On the other hand, the tendency to be guided in the above-mentioned areas by old grudges, fears or ideological principles can be tricky. Then you can expect extremely violent, often overflowing and potentially destructive reactions. If you are concerned yourself, it is best to drive when, at such moments, you succeed in stopping, remaining completely at one with yourself, wondering what is important to you in the present and listening to your heart. Also, look for valves and activities that allow depleted energies to drain (both athletic and mental activities and challenges of all kinds are suitable). All in all, this is also a good stage for taking a closer look at the decisions, steps, projects or activities of the past month and, where necessary, making corrections, repairs or course changes. However, it is not recommended to start new projects, especially where physical strength, the use of will or «active action» play an important role.


In addition to this current two-month constellation, this week also addresses other astrological topics and areas. In particular, leaders and authority figures, but to a lesser extent each individual, are required to take a clear stance on motives, goals and intentions. Errors made and existing weaknesses should be as clear as competences and abilities. Ultimately, it is about setting the course for the future, about assuming responsibility for one's own actions and letting it take consequences if necessary. Ask yourself what you are prepared to stand up for and what you want to do or not want to do because it is not (anymore) consistent. At the same time, a decision or review is also required in relation to relationships and contracts as well as in dealing with value issues. The focus is on one's own expectations in terms of fairness, commitment and loyalty. Often this raises the question of how to deal with disappointments and setbacks. Anyone who reacts with blaming, revenge or refusal to speak risks unpleasant consequences. On the other hand, where there is a willingness to take personal concerns and wishes and stand up for them, but at the same time be open to holistic and creative approaches, there are good opportunities for unexpected solutions.



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