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If you were waiting for a sign, this is it. 🐾


Waiting for things to happen is a downfall that prohibits the greatness of many people living in our population from shining bright. It is ok to believe, and it is very commendable and admirable to be a faithful person. But in doing so, one must also be willing to do everything possible that they are able to do alone in order to better their chances that the results desired will occur. In essence, waiting for a sign may be what works for you, but it may actually be working against you. Waiting may cause you to miss out on blessings, opportunities, and open doors that you may never see again. Remember to listen to what your gut says, and examine your heart while following it closely. Remember that life wont always happen the way in which we expect it to, and sometimes when we are being tested we wont have every desirable tool to help give us an advantage. Never let an obstacle stop you from moving forward, there is always a way to get past anything put in front of you. 


ℒℴvℯ´⁀.¸.•´  💗Arven ღ



My name is Arven and I am the author of this website.


I am a psychological and spiritual life counselor and support people who are in a current or even longer life crisis. Why I opened this website with the main topic "wolves" has a purely personal reason: First, the wolf has always fascinated me (later I found out that the wolf is also my power animal) and secondly, I suffer from one Disease, which is called "systemic lupus erythymatodes". Systemic lupus erythematosus, or SLE for short, is a systemic disease in which the skin and vascular connective tissue of the organs are affected by vasculitis and the deposition of immune complexes. The SLE belongs to the group of collagenoses. The frequent involvement of the skin has given the disease its name: Lupus (= wolf) is in this case the aggressive nature of the disease.  


I will report hier about wolves but also about spiritual as well as health topics.

I wish you much fun and look forward to your comments, suggestions and criticism. 


¸¸. ARVEN .¸¸. 🌷 🍃 🌸 

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