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If you were waiting for a sign, this is it. 🐾


Waiting for things to happen is a downfall that prohibits the greatness of many people living in our population from shining bright. It is ok to believe, and it is very commendable and admirable to be a faithful person. But in doing so, one must also be willing to do everything possible that they are able to do alone in order to better their chances that the results desired will occur. In essence, waiting for a sign may be what works for you, but it may actually be working against you. Waiting may cause you to miss out on blessings, opportunities, and open doors that you may never see again. Remember to listen to what your gut says, and examine your heart while following it closely. Remember that life wont always happen the way in which we expect it to, and sometimes when we are being tested we wont have every desirable tool to help give us an advantage. Never let an obstacle stop you from moving forward, there is always a way to get past anything put in front of you. 


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My name is Arven and I am the author of this website.


I am a psychological and spiritual life counselor and support people who are in a current or even longer life crisis. Why I opened this website with the main topic "wolves" has a purely personal reason: First, the wolf has always fascinated me (later I found out that the wolf is also my power animal) and secondly, I suffer from one Disease, which is called "systemic lupus erythymatodes". Systemic lupus erythematosus, or SLE for short, is a systemic disease in which the skin and vascular connective tissue of the organs are affected by vasculitis and the deposition of immune complexes. The SLE belongs to the group of collagenoses. The frequent involvement of the skin has given the disease its name: Lupus (= wolf) is in this case the aggressive nature of the disease.  


Another reason why I opened this page is because I suffered from depression and yes, sometimes still suffer today. There is a perpetual cycle you must taking care of yourself. Alone and yet not alone: determine your own way out of depression. Overcome doubts. Pay attention to your own body. I've had the experience myself, but also observed with friends that ultimately you can only overcome depression yourself. You have to want it and then you are willing to make an effort ..


Depression does not come overnight and does not go overnight. And there is no straight exit from depression into happiness. There are always setbacks and then you roll over all the problems that you have to believe, and you go into self-pity and tears. It is strange that we humans get used to less pleasant situations more easily than beautiful ones. As if it was hard to get used to being happy. For someone who suffers from depression, this is extremely difficult. 


"Now it's about me" Heeding the new life motto. Not just for the others. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions. The new guiding principles, the new value system. To accept and understand. I remember that in my imagination I was trying to pull myself by the hair and force myself to go shopping or meet a friend. On the way home, I was in tears. I swallowed it until I was home. Actually, I found it pleasant to just cry in front of me. Since I realized what I have to do, I like to laugh, as reasonless as I cried. But looking back, I find the crying stupid and see this time as lost. 


I hardly know anyone who has not lived through a depressive phase even in life. If this goes deep, becomes a severe depression and lasts for a long time, you have to be on your toes and become active. This can start with reading a book about depression and ending with a success in life. It leads a way out of depression and I assure you. But you only come out of depression when you go your own way and do not stop. Gather up a little every day and take a few steps the way out of depression. - The way is the goal, it is said in a Chinese proverb.



I wish you much fun and look forward to your comments, suggestions and criticism. 


¸¸. ARVEN .¸¸. 🌷 🍃 🌸