Cosmic Preview · 24. June 2018
The week of 25. 6. - 1. 7. 2018 Keywords of the Week: Determining Location / Remedying Contaminated Sites and Gaining New Insights / Making Decisions and Paving the Way / Fighting Ideals and Ideologies / What is Right and Righteous? / Open and creative communication as the key to progress and new paths.
Forgive yourself. Be brave enough to be compassionate with yourself. Stop criticizing yourself, blaming yourself and thinking about what would have happened if you acted differently ... why are you treating yourself so badly? Do you really believe that you will move forward if you treat yourself this way? Do you think that punishing yourself is the answer to your mistakes? An error is only the result of a failed attempt, which does not necessarily mean that the original goal can not be achieved.

"I'm not afraid of anything special, but in fact I'm afraid of everything," says the one who experiences unfounded anxiety. It is the uncertainty that lurks in the shadows and sets a trap that takes your breath away and the will to leave the house. As if you were in solitary confinement, in a room without windows. As if you are in a spiral of sorrow, in a suffocating tangle of despair. Unfounded fear is as if there is a momentous moment in your existence in which you wake up and open your eyes t
Notes · 08. March 2018
I am my own home, so I open the windows to let in fresh air, so that the exhausted air comes out and a breeze that smells of hope and smells like dreams. I am my own home, my precious refuge, and that's why sometimes I'm not there for anyone. Because I seek the protection of my privacy in my private corners, where I can listen to myself, take care of myself and heal myself.

Spiritual Topics · 07. March 2018
The word "witch" is a very old concept and was originally called loosely translated "fence riders". It was once believed that witches are beings that resemble demons or spirits and sit on fences or hedges. The different names also show that a witch is active between the worlds, ie in a border area. Later, people began to believe that witches had a contract with demons or with the devil. In order to identify the witches in the Middle Ages, quite different characteristics were selected. These coul
Health · 07. March 2018
Psyllium husks swell in the intestine, thereby thickening the intestinal contents and thus help against constipation. Information on effect and application

We are a society in which suffering is still a silent companion. We take pills to numb the pain of life, do something about our high cholesterol and the low level of motivation we have while being asked, "What is your motivation doing today?" As if depression were just a cold or an infection that could be treated with antibiotics. Read more....
Spiritual Topics · 06. March 2018
In known persons in the dream, e.g. Father or mother, the dream interpretation knows two possibilities: You can mean the real living persons or symbolize inner personality parts of the dreamer. Read more....

Health · 06. March 2018
Mudras have a power that is unknown to many. Especially the Kalesvara Mudra should bring peace to your thoughts. Mudras are hand gestures that we use in yoga to relieve stress and to find peace. They are easy to carry out and can be integrated into our everyday life in a completely uncomplicated way. Mudras are valuable little helpers that positively influence our flow of life.
Notes · 06. March 2018
If you complain every day about what has happened to you, it is because it wants so precious a person within you, that you listen to it and allow it to heal. That's what happens to you, because she knows that you need to forgive yourself to keep going, and to understand that in spite of the circumstances, you have tried to do your best in this moment, you had a good intention and that has but also its value.

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