Cosmic Preview

Cosmic Preview · 24. June 2018
The week of 25. 6. - 1. 7. 2018 Keywords of the Week: Determining Location / Remedying Contaminated Sites and Gaining New Insights / Making Decisions and Paving the Way / Fighting Ideals and Ideologies / What is Right and Righteous? / Open and creative communication as the key to progress and new paths.
Cosmic Preview · 05. March 2018
During this week, an increasingly significant change is taking place. However, the mood is also becoming more aggressive and the urge to take action and assert oneself grows. Two celestial bodies change signs this week and change the general mood. Mercury, the planet of thought and love planet Venus, go from the subtle and sensitive fish into the fighting ram. The Aries energy stands for the beginning. The ruler of Aries is Mars, the planet of action and force. The focus is primarily on the to

Cosmic Preview · 25. February 2018
Keywords of the week: Humanity and compassion / Courage and grace / Visionary heights / The power of love, but also disappointed hopes / helplessness and confusion / The abyss of despair and the destructive power of hatred...Read more
Cosmic Preview · 12. February 2018
With the lunar eclipse of January 31, a phase of great confidence started. This also characterizes the coming eclipse of the 15th of February. If you remain firmly anchored to the ground, you benefit. Read more......

Cosmic Preview · 11. February 2018
Keywords of the Week: Old Histories Seen Again / Vision or Illusion? / Wishes, fears and fixed ideas or reality? / Errors and confusions, but also gain clarity...Read more:
Cosmic Preview · 04. February 2018
Keywords of the week: ideas and ideals / heroes and impostors / role models, seducers and demagogues / What is theater or drama, what distorted perception and what reality? / Big projects and their implementation

Cosmic Preview · 04. February 2018
The Venus Year 2018 will be a very special year for love! Venus becomes our annual reign in March. But anyone who believes that love will bring us everything that we would like to have will probably experience some disappointment. Disappointments often seem so unpleasant, disturbing or even destructive. But exactly this is so incredibly important, so enormously beneficial - if we look behind it.
Cosmic Preview · 28. January 2018
Keywords of the Week: Inspiration and Creativity / Fixed Ideas and High Expectations / Beliefs and Ideologies in Contrast to Reality / Terrific Ideas, Big Plans and Reality

Cosmic Preview · 22. January 2018
Keywords of the Week: Revelations and Discoveries / Ideas, Ideologies and Creative Inventions / In Search of the Truth
Cosmic Preview · 16. January 2018
For those who are struggling right now ... strong, challenging energies prevail! Read more:

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