Daily Message

Daily Message · 03. March 2018
Remembering that every positive thought, feeling and action will cycle back on you in a good way is key. Knowing this will help you to trust that good can come, regardless of what is happening right now. Asking life and others to forgive you for anything you said or did which you now regret will create more spaciousness in your heart and mind for good to be received. Forgiving others, if you have held any resentment for something they said or did, will also help you to feel at ease now. It would
Daily Message · 01. March 2018
Letting go of everything to which you cling when your life is unsettled can be a good approach. You don't have to throw away any parts of your life that are of value to you. Instead, let go of the grip. Loosen up on dictating how your life needs to happen for your happiness. You may be pleasantly surprised. Consider asking life to be orchestrated in a way that brings you your deepest happiness. Be open to this occurring in ways you never imagined before. Sometimes the universe can please us far

Daily Message · 28. February 2018
You are the generator of what you seek. When you cease to look, and create instead, you are overflowing with all you once sought. Ask yourself to identify what it is that you will experience once your dreams come true. Instead of waiting for your dreams to happen, fill your heart with the qualities you expect to embrace. Now you know that you are the source of all you seek. Create the feelings you desire first. The situations that match these feelings can follow!
Daily Message · 27. February 2018
Any mental activity that has to do with research or other intensive thought work is favored today. Their thinking is focused on everything in-depth and mysterious. Accordingly, you are now able to recognize the essence of a problem, which promotes contact with your own subconscious .... read more

Daily Message · 24. February 2018
Optimistic, you see positive aspects in your fellow human beings today, and you have a good feeling for the needs and interests of others. Current contacts have the potential for growth and broadening horizons. So friendships and love relationships that are about to begin are generally rewarding. These days are also great for a vacation, a trip, or just for fun with friends. A good time to enjoy life.
Daily Message · 23. February 2018
Ride it out, don’t go in looking for a fight and just watch the drama work itself out. The game isn’t over, but you still have no part to play. Decisions are being made in the shadows that have to face the light of day. There’s no agreements being made, just knee jerk reactions. That alone, will have consequences and you don’t want to be in the way.

Daily Message · 22. February 2018
The battle that’s raging around you, has nothing to do with you. The conflict may impact you down the road, but don’t assume that’s a bad thing. Some issues must be hammered out and put to rest in order for you to move forward with your goals. But that doesn’t mean you need to stick your nose in, where it doesn’t belong. Read more....
Daily Message · 21. February 2018
Decisions and actions are influx today. Much is going on and information is flying up and down the chain of command. Don’t make any decision, until all the facts are in. You’ll need to verify some of the details and ensure what’s being gathered is accurate. The worst thing you can do today is make a choice based on impulse or gut feeling. You must discover the facts and corroborate the evidence. Hear say and “trust me”, isn’t going to be good enough this time. Read more...

Daily Message · 20. February 2018
Sometimes you need to turn things on their head to find out what they maybe hiding. Like the pocket change in the sofa, or the surprise in the bottle. It’s a good day, relax and be happy! Your cups are more filled up, than they are empty....Read more....
Daily Message · 19. February 2018
You can not or should not come to anything. On the other hand, halfheartedness or pale feelings can also be a reason to be more neutral or to make a decision. They tend to pay lip service. While this moderation may be appropriate, you should not make empty promises or escape into illusory satisfaction.

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