Health · 07. March 2018
Psyllium husks swell in the intestine, thereby thickening the intestinal contents and thus help against constipation. Information on effect and application
Health · 06. March 2018
Mudras have a power that is unknown to many. Especially the Kalesvara Mudra should bring peace to your thoughts. Mudras are hand gestures that we use in yoga to relieve stress and to find peace. They are easy to carry out and can be integrated into our everyday life in a completely uncomplicated way. Mudras are valuable little helpers that positively influence our flow of life.

Health · 03. March 2018
Everything that exists has an energetic basic form. We as human beings are, strictly speaking, just a collection of energy particles. And these energy particles can be influenced by the addition of other energy vibrations. Destructive forms of energy can result in diseases. But in the same way, the addition of positive energy in the body can result in healing.
Health · 01. March 2018
The Ayurvedic Therapy for asthma and allergies takes into account the balance of the three doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Allergies are immunological disorders. They are based on an overreaction of the immune system, a malfunction of the body to a harmless stimulus from the environment. The immune system shoots beyond the target. Most commonly, respiratory tract, skin and the gastrointestinal tract are affected.

Health · 19. February 2018
Witches and sorcerers broke into smoke through him. With their help, they called the spirits of the deceased - it's about the common fume. What's up to these legends, will .....
Health · 04. February 2018
Oak bark contains plenty of tannins. Extracts of oak (Quercus robur) relieve, among other things, itching and thus help, for example, as a pruritic sitting bath for hemorrhoids

Health · 31. January 2018
Sometimes I hear them loud and mocking laughter, my inner Kali, the one who knows about deep suffering and unbearable pain in the world, the one who knows your naive loyalty to that clinically-white subtle-arrogant spirituality, those with luminous spiritual concepts therefore comes with off-hook concepts of illness and healing. Beyond compassion and empathy
Health · 30. January 2018
Marshmallow root helps as a cough syrup or tea for dry irritated cough... Read more:

Health · 25. January 2018
On my way, I encountered countless different techniques, methods and instructions for healing, all of which are very exciting and helpful. But what really moves me deep in my heart is what connects all people who could heal themselves. Is there something like a thread running through all "healing stories"? Yes, it does exist. Read more:
Health · 23. January 2018
Ivy Ivy Extrakt dissolves as cough syrup or tea stuck mucus from the bronchi and so relieves cough. Read more:

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