Notes · 02. February 2018
Do you know the uneasy feeling that assails you after you say something that is important to you? It has often happened to me quite a while that right after conversations or meetings where I had to speak in front of many people, I was overcome by the feeling that what I said was not good enough.

Notes · 29. January 2018
The magic of closeness is that we can not make it. When it arises, it always reveals itself as a gift of the moment. If she is there, she is without question. Healing, opening, nourishing. read more:

Notes · 27. January 2018
When people play a

Notes · 25. January 2018
Suffering arises because we do not allow change. We hold on, we want nothing to change. If you love a woman, she should belong to you tomorrow just as she belongs to you today. This is how suffering arises. Nobody can be sure about the next moment - what can you say about tomorrow? Read more:

Notes · 25. January 2018
New Age Bullshit....Read more:

Notes · 23. January 2018
All experiences are part of your life plan! The universe can give us abundance, we just have to be ready to embark on new experiences and that requires trust. However, the power of trust can only work where there is no self-doubt, because in many situations we lose confidence in life or ourselves.

Notes · 23. January 2018
Follow your inner inspirations and visions, which show you in every moment of your life and lead you on your way. Have the courage to follow your visions of the heart rather than succumbing to the panic craving of the cramped ego. Dare to take a new step towards a specific project that you may have been putting in front of you for a long time. Trust the flow of life! Read here: Your letter to your doubts!

Notes · 22. January 2018
As you begin to unfold your potential, you will find that you have abilities that are special. You may have attended massage training and been wondering that while you are massaging, you will gain insights into the emotional world and life of your patients. Perhaps you will notice on your nature walks that the trees, plants and animals are talking to you. Read more:

Notes · 22. January 2018
Have you ever been embarrassed when someone asked you what you're doing? Do not worry, you're not alone with that. As soon as one can no longer give a standard answer - e.g. I work in the office, I work for the company XYZ, I am an electrician - we often miss the words. Sometimes it just does not feel good to say that you are not doing anything at the moment, but still busy all day long, with the plan to do something with people, healing and nature, and so on ...

Notes · 09. January 2018
The love ends. And when she does, it tears us apart. But after some time we have to heal, and try again. A second chance for love ...

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