Notes · 08. March 2018
I am my own home, so I open the windows to let in fresh air, so that the exhausted air comes out and a breeze that smells of hope and smells like dreams. I am my own home, my precious refuge, and that's why sometimes I'm not there for anyone. Because I seek the protection of my privacy in my private corners, where I can listen to myself, take care of myself and heal myself.
Notes · 06. March 2018
If you complain every day about what has happened to you, it is because it wants so precious a person within you, that you listen to it and allow it to heal. That's what happens to you, because she knows that you need to forgive yourself to keep going, and to understand that in spite of the circumstances, you have tried to do your best in this moment, you had a good intention and that has but also its value.

Notes · 05. March 2018
The path of change is filled with joy and happiness, but also with misunderstanding, resentment, envy and rejection. It takes courage and your clear focus on your heart and goal to cope with the resistance your environment poses. There will be people who are not at all excited about how you develop. There will be friends who doubt you, your way anyway, and who, after a while, say goodbye to you. ,
Notes · 27. February 2018
Do you sometimes feel that you lack the basic trust when it comes to confidently embarking on your path? You are not alone! Almost all people who grow up in our world feel uprooted. Fortunately, we can rebuild the deep basic trust and make sure we feel safe and secure. The more our basic trust grows, the more pleasant our lives become. How to do I want to share with you today more...

Notes · 24. February 2018
After being asked many times how to get in touch with the soul, it's high time to write about it. Here is my attempt to explain how to deepen the contact with the soul. Read more...,
Notes · 02. February 2018
Do you know the uneasy feeling that assails you after you say something that is important to you? It has often happened to me quite a while that right after conversations or meetings where I had to speak in front of many people, I was overcome by the feeling that what I said was not good enough.

Notes · 29. January 2018
The magic of closeness is that we can not make it. When it arises, it always reveals itself as a gift of the moment. If she is there, she is without question. Healing, opening, nourishing. read more:
Notes · 27. January 2018
When people play a

Notes · 25. January 2018
Suffering arises because we do not allow change. We hold on, we want nothing to change. If you love a woman, she should belong to you tomorrow just as she belongs to you today. This is how suffering arises. Nobody can be sure about the next moment - what can you say about tomorrow? Read more:
Notes · 25. January 2018
New Age Bullshit....Read more:

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