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Spiritual Topics · 20. February 2018
In traditional esotericism, we often hear such and similar words: You have to visualize what you want, the more you think about the good, and what you want, the sooner you get it, and so on. You know it. Now it looks the reality of life but in such a way that all who go completely unquestioned this way (!), At some point, get problems with their real life. These usually increase in intensity, the longer the above dogmas are nourished further. These people are beginning to feel an extreme disc

Spiritual Topics · 13. February 2018
What does it mean to be "real / genuine"? Of course, one definition is to live in reality beyond the matrix, beyond the illusory attachment. But there is another, more down-to-earth path to real meaning, and this is living and acting according to your present state of consciousness. That Do not be fooled, do not prete.....read more

Spiritual Topics · 11. February 2018
If there is one single question that is considered the ultimate philosophical question, then it is the question of the meaning of life! The answer is that the purpose of your life is the meaning you give, consisting of identifications and the pursuit of .......

Spiritual Topics · 09. February 2018
Jump into the flow of life and say YES! Flow effortlessly and gloriously - say YES to the river! YES, to the rapids! YES, to the dark mysterious water. YES, to the pools and YES to the beauty! YES, to the sharp jagged rocks that sometimes can cut and maim! YES, to the shallows where we sometimes get stuck! YES, to the strange currents and vortices that take us to unknown parts of the river without us understanding why! YES to the landscape, which is constantly changing. YES to everything, as we

Spiritual Topics · 07. February 2018
For the sake of understanding, I often use the term "higher self" because it is a concept that people already know. It is our true self who we are when we are free from fears, judgments and ego. It is our connection to the source, freedom and boundless joy. So, why should I say that there is no such thing as a "higher self"?

Spiritual Topics · 03. February 2018
The healer is a person that should be found everywhere. In short, it is there to help all people who come to her with mental, emotional or physical pain or wounds and to try to heal those wounds and relieve the pain.

Spiritual Topics · 30. January 2018
At the beginning of February, the days will be much longer. Since the winter solstice, 40 days have passed and the sun has already moved noticeably from its lowest level. Although it is still cold and the winter is still around the first February often still its frosty face, but in the morning and in the evening you notice the longer days. Even the light of the sun is already brighter, if it shines. By the beginning of spring is the beginning of February half time. And of course that has to be c

Spiritual Topics · 29. January 2018
Palm reading, lazy magic, fortune telling or maybe a way to get to the realization? The hands a mirror of the soul and the personality? Where do I stand and how do I recognize my potential? www.thewolfmyinnersoul.com

Spiritual Topics · 28. January 2018
Many people at the beginning of their journey do not know how dangerous magic can be. Unfortunately, there are few who make it clear to people, what to look for, what the risks are and how they can protect themselves. I would like to make up for it now.

Spiritual Topics · 28. January 2018
Prophetic dreams are often confused with clairvoyance. Some prophetic dreams are "only" based on the combination of the subconscious mind. Read more: www.thewolfmyinnersoul.com

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